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de Quervain's Tendonitis/Tendinitis

Thumb Tendinitis, de Quervains Tenosynovitis, Quervain's Stenosing Tenovaginitis (sometimes referred to as "new mom's syndrome")

de Quervain's Syndrome is an inflammatory condition that is commonly caused by cumulative injury, and is one of the most common diagnosed conditions treated by hand surgeons. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome also theorized to be caused by repeated and cumulative trauma, is one of the major causes of lost workdays at the present time. Regarding de Quervain's tenosynovitis, there is potential for symptoms in the arm other than those involving the tendon. This can result from the close proximity of the nerves, tendons, sheaths, and fascia of the forearm to the site of inflammation.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

de Quervain's tendonitis was initially common in new mothers who hyper-extended their thumbs while holding the head of their babies. This syndrome is also fairly common in older individuals as well.

The primary symptom of de Quervains tendonitis is pain at the base of the thumb near the wrist. The pain can be sudden and sharp or increase on a gradual basis with use of the thumb or hand. de Quervains is almost always associated with tenderness and swelling of the styloid process of radius bone. Pain can radiate into the forearm and thumb.

de Quervains tenosynovitis is the thickening and inflammation of the sheath containing the tendons of the inner wrist and thumb area (extensor pollicis brevis and abductor pollicis longus tendons). de Quervain's Tendonitis results from inflammation or constriction of the tendons of the muscles of the thumb at the point where they pass into the wrist. In many cases both tenosynovitis and tendonitis occur, a condition known as tendinopathy.

Diagnosis of this condition is based on the location of pain, decreased hand function, and the presence of swelling in the hand.


Surgery is not usually necessary, and is typically the option of last resort. A troublesome complication of surgery for de Quervains tenosynovitis is a painful neuroma of the radial nerve as well as increased presence of scar tissue due to the invasive nature of surgery. Controlled exercise several times daily is commonly recommended, especially to prevent frozen shoulder, after the acute inflammation is controlled. Injection within the tendon sheath of a corticosteroid is also sometimes very helpful. The application of Blood Circulation Boost may be very useful for decreasing inflammation, gently increasing flexibility, and speeding the healing rate of the tendon; you will also find that use of the T•Shellz Wrap® is very safe to use at home. If you are considering the purchase of an T•Shellz Wrap®, speak with your physician first about using these therapies.

Blood Circulation Boost is quickly becoming very popular for treating tendons, ligaments and muscles, as results have been very positive as long as the patient (1) keeps the area inactive throughout the healing process and (2) sticks to the treatment properly until healing has completed.

The MendMeShop T•Shellz Wrap® is great for tendonitis because you can treat yourself 3 times a day in the comfort of your own home so you can heal faster and more completely.

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During your recovery, you will probably have to modify and/or eliminate any activities that cause pain or discomfort at the location of your soft tissue injury until the pain and inflammation settle. Always consult your doctor and/or Physical Therapist before using any of our outstanding products, to make sure they are right for you and your condition. The more diligent you are with your treatment and rehabilitation, the faster you will see successful results!


Tendon Injury Facts:

When the tendon gets inflamed it is known as tendonitis, and when the tendons are chronically overused, it may lead to microscopic tears in the collagen matrix and causes a gradual weakening of the tissues.

Achilles tendonitis is a common injury among runners, as the Achilles tendon is responsible for helping you lift off the ground with each stride.

As computers become ever more important elements of the work place and everyday life, incidents of wrist tendonitis are on the rise.

Oral Medications can mask the pain but do not aid in the healing of tendonitis. Anti-inflammatories and pain killers can mask the pain and indirectly cause tendonitis to worsen.

Ice and Compression treatments are the easiest and most effective treatments for tendonitis.


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